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Top 3 reasons why you should take your pupils on a watersports school trip...

Updated: May 19, 2023

There are plenty of good reasons to go on a school watersports trip but here's our top three...

kayaking on ardeche river

  1. Increase Independence & Self Confidence

Taking pupils out of the classroom to participate in water sports and do activities they wouldn't usually get to do at school, takes pupils out of their comfort zone and provides a real boost to their confidence. This increased confidence will serve them well back at school and beyond.

Residentials are essential for personal and social development, allowing new friendships to bloom and new challenges to be faced.

2. Widens pupils sporting opportunities

Schools have some great PE activities but these are often limited to the school's on-site facilities. A school water sports trip will give pupils the opportunity to experience new outdoor activities such as canoeing, stand up paddleboarding and kayaking in some amazing and fun locations. Inspiring a love of sport in young people is crucial to their long term health and happiness and the more opportunities they have to see sport as fun, the more likely they will be to pursue these hobbies into adult life.

3. Encourages good behaviour & serves as a great reward!

School can be fun but also challenging, especially for pupils who aren't naturally academic. Everyone needs something to look forward to and there's nothing quite like the incentive of a fun water sports trip to motivate pupils to work hard and behave well at school! It's also a great end of year reward for pupils.

Looking for a water sports trip? Check out our Mediterranean Adventure, Ardeche Adventure, Dordogne Adventure & Maltese Adventure, all of which have some great water activities on the programme and are guaranteed to enthuse & inspire a love of water sports in your pupils.

Find out more about our school adventure trips at

girl kayaking on a lake

A pupil enjoy kayaking on the lake in France

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