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Book Your School Trip With Confidence

Updated: May 19, 2023

We have taken a number of measures to help you book with confidence. These include; clarifying your rights under the Package Travel Regulations, giving you access to a purpose-built travel insurance policy, and tightening the checks that we make on all of our suppliers.

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Changes to Your Trip (terms and conditions apply*)

  • You can postpone your tour to a later date if travel restrictions are changed.

  • You can receive a 100% refund if your trip has to be cancelled less than fourteen days before departure.

Travel Insurance

We are pleased to be able to offer all our groups a travel policy developed in conjunction with ABTA, the School Travel Forum, and AXA. It has been tailor-made to give group leaders booking with an STF member complete confidence for their domestic and overseas visits and tours

  • Developed by ABTA and STF with AXA

  • Covid-19 cancellation cover

  • Includes all mainstream activities

  • No excess (excluding luggage) on claims

  • No exemptions for pre-existing medical conditions

  • 24/7 access to ‘telemedical’ online video service via the Doctor Please! app

  • Access to the Traveleye app providing safety information to Group Leaders and staff

  • Dedicated telephone number for Group Leaders

  • Available to youth groups as well as schools

You can find more details about STF Travel Sure here:

Supplier Checks

As an assured member of the School Travel Forum, we carry out regular checks and audits on all suppliers, from accommodation providers, to transport, to visits. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the audits have been updated to include specific questions asking the suppliers to confirm that they are taking all appropriate measures to ensure compliance with local and national health measures that have been instigated.

We would be happy to let you have more details on these requirements. Please call us or email us at

*Applicable Terms and Conditions

  • Where FCDO advise against travel to your destination, (or a country through which you have to transit)

  • Cancellations made more than 14 days prior to departure will be subject to our normal terms and conditions

  • 100% refund only applies when the deposit payment schedule has been adhered to

  • 100% refund only applies to group cancellation. Standard terms and conditions apply to individual passengers dropping out.

  • Normal terms and conditions will apply if you cancel due to restrictions on passengers who do not meet local or national vaccination requirements (unless exempt at time of departure)

  • Will not apply for a disinclination to travel.

  • If you opt to postpone, we will keep the pricing the same where possible. However, if travelling by air this will depend upon the policy(ies) of the airline(s) in question.

As of January 2022, we fully expect our trips to go ahead this summer, but it is likely that all travellers aged 12** and over will need to be fully vaccinated (as defined by the destination concerned). Whilst we will endeavour to provide information on the requirements for your particular trip, it is the school/party leader’s responsibility to ensure that all members of the group have been appropriately vaccinated.

** Some countries, including France, allow unvaccinated 12–16-year-olds to travel with a vaccinated adult, but are required to test for COVID-19.

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