Kings' School Ardèche - Case Study


Kings' School in Winchester have been travelling with us to the Ardèche for nearly two decades. Here's why...

Q. Overall, how would you describe your experience this year with Acorn?

A. "Always phenomenal and kids get the chance of a lifetime. They never forget it"!!

Q. Was it easy to organise a trip with us/why?
A. "Yes it is – it's always easy to organise. Acorn office staff are always brilliant and always deliver".

Q. What do you like about the centre accommodation & location?
A. "It feels like home!! It is my 2nd home. I love how my heart misses a beat everytime I drive down the drive to the centre".

Q. Why do you choose to run this particular trip (learning outcomes/student reward/benefits/improved attainment etc…?)
A. "Scenery & the pure adventure of the trip!!! I even went to the Ardèche on my own holiday with my partner in the summer!! Acorn treat our pupils really well, safety matched to  the respect of the sport/outdoors maximising fun!   It improves your relationship with the pupils & the kids realise you are a human!! Relationship building….. you value the children above all else"!

Q. What do you think your pupils gain from camping in an Acorn village?
A. "Being safe, horse shoe shape village so people make friends. Also you can mix with just your own school which is ideal".

Q. Why do you choose to travel with Acorn Adventure?
"Who else would I travel with? Small & perfectly formed. I would never travel with anyone else to the Ardèche. I don’t look at anyone else. It's like putting a nice wooly warm glove on my hand!!  Safety is great & we have to be so hot on nowadays. Seeing Sarah there now after so many years, so consistent".

Q. Why do you think Acorn Adventure is good value for money (if you do, of course)?
A. "You get so much more than what you pay for! Standards of instructors/equipment, staff care – not just financial".

Q. Have you travelled with anyone else? How does Acorn compare?
A. "Yes I have with another adventure operator in 1997 and I didn’t like them, that was enough! There is not enough words to say my feelings on Acorn, you have done me wonders with my kids over the 17 years and I have grown old with Acorn, I am now the oak tree"!