Fantastic value for money!

We're very proud to report that 93% of our schools and groups think that our trips are 'good to far better than expected' for value for money.

What our party leaders say about us:

We expected to have fun – and we did!
Diane Ward
Group Scout leader - 1st Turner Hill
01.08.2015 – Ardres

Team building achieved! The class have returned well and truly friends for life!
Amanda Heywood
Class teacher – Pentip Va School
19.06.2015 – Brecon Royal Oak

The challenges you offer the kids is the highlight of the trip; they get so much out of it. Thank you!
Head of Year– King James
18.07.2015 - Ardèche

New adventures, experiences for all were achieved beyond all expectation
Dudley Rogers
Group Scout leader - 3 Tynemouth
26.07.2015 – Ardres

New pods were fantastic to stay in and provided excellent accommodation in the colder months.
Jack McCabe
Teacher – Trinity – 09.10.2015 – Brecon

The staff are the difference, they motivate and inspire.
Neil Davies
Year 6 Teacher - Corringham – 15.06.2015 – Ardres

Excellent from start to finish
Scott Thomas
Sports, Lecturer – Bournville College – 15.05.2015 – Brecon Tan Troed