Alpine Excursion (Northern Italy)

During your stay, your activity programme will allow one free day. There are plenty of areas of interest you may like to organise an excursion to. If you wish to organise an excursion, then please speak to your Tour Organiser prior to your departure. The date of the excursion will be confirmed and also the payment method. Some excursions can be paid to Acorn prior to travel however some require payment to be made directly. Acorn will provide a member of staff to accompany your excursion upon request to offer a supporting role for party leaders.

The party leader will have responsibility for the group whilst off site. The Acorn staff member will have no supervisory responsibility during the excursion, which will be maintained by the Party Leader throughout. Information and opening hours are subject to change. For the latest up-to-date pricing information please contact your Tour Organiser or refer to the relevant website below.


A lively medieval city with attractive shops, monuments, museums and a swimming pool. Aosta has many surviving Roman remains including the Roman Theatre, which is one of Italy’s best-preserved Roman sites. There is a local market on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
Distance from centre: 7 miles

Forte di Bard

The Fortress of Bard is formed of 3 main defence stations positioned at different levels upon a high imposing rock spur. Almost intact from the moment of its construction the fortress represents one of the best examples of early 1800 military stronghold and has a total 283 rooms. At the very top of the rocks sits the most impressive of the defence stations, enclosed by a wall upon which all buildings are sustained. With its internal courtyard and overlooking the north is Carlo Alberto Opera which has a magnificent Piazza d’Armi a great quadrangular courtyard surrounded by a wide arcade. On the south side of the fortress there is an external footpath that leads you into the Gola Opera courtyard, there is also an internal footpath which has hairpin bends supported by high walls. The top of the fortified rock is easily accessible thanks to futuristic external glass lifts with stunning views, taking you from the medieval village of Bard at the foot of the fortress.

Open: Tuesday - Friday 10am – 6pm. Saturday - Sunday 10am – 7pm. Monday Closed

Price: Entry charges applicable, please speak to your Tour Organiser.
Distance from centre: 36 miles

The Astronomical Observatory

Opened in 2003 the Observatory sits 1675m above sea level. The observatory is home to excellent scientific research while organising instructional activities for teachers and students. There are guided tours day timeand night time observations, hands ontheoretical and interactive activities. Daytime visits give an introduction to the observing instruments, Observing the Sun and broadcast of the SOHO satellites observations of the sun. Evening and night time visits allowsthe vision and analysis of the stars, the identification of the main constellations and planets and particularly interesting astronomical objects. All activities are carried out with the presence of specialised personnel  

Open: Daytime visits at 16.30hrs Night time visit at 21.30hrs
Price: Entry charges are applicable, please speak to your Tour Organiser.
Distance from centre: 26 miles

Skyway Monte Bianco

Skyway Monte Bianco is a marvel of Italian engineering technology that offers an unforgettable travel experience. Nestled in the heart of the Alps of Valle d’Aosta, the smallest region in Italy with a predominantly mountainous territory, the new Mont Blanc cable cars are the most spectacular way of reaching the closest point to the summit of Mont Blanc and its majestic glaciers.

Open: Entry charges are applicable, please speak to your Tour Organiser.
Distance from centre: 31 miles