Our trips through the children's eyes

Today we got some wonderful letters through the post. Letters written by a group of primary school children who have recently returned from a trip to our Brecon Beacons Adventure in Wales. 

It's so wonderful to hear about our trips directly from the children that we thought we would share a few of their words with you (just a small selection of comments- there were so many, it was hard to choose).

It reminds us all why we do what we do and why our trips are so important. 

“I recommend you as a confidence boost scheme. You taught me to be brave”

“My favourite song was the toast song. I would like to thank Tom, Abby, Connor and Oscar for making our time funny and awesome.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed rounders, especially when the staff joined in, and the songs you taught us were brilliant!”

“Thank you Abby for teaching us the coconut song, Oscar you made us laugh during the hill walk, Connor and Andy you made us laugh because of your energetic personality"

“Thanks again, you have made my fears not fears anymore. I will miss Acorn Adventure loads”

“It was one of the best weeks of my life. I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the night activities, they were really fun”

“The best part of Acorn was meeting the staff”

“My favourite activity was kayaking with Oscar and Tim”

“I really liked the breakfast, especially the sausage and toast”

“P.S.The hill was a mountain!”

“Even though I don’t like water, I really enjoyed the water activities. We all loved the rhymes”

“I loved the girls reactions when they fell in the water”

“I would like to thank Oscar, Abi and Tom for taking us up the mountain. We would never have done it without you.”