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How outdoor learning boosts student wellbeing.

The Guardian have recently published an interesting and useful article about the benefits of outdoor education. These include:

  • Boosting self esteem
  • Finding calmness and a focus
  • Boosting a sense of community
  • Applying learning in real life settings
  • Making learning more memorable 

Acorn Adventure was set up by a former teacher in 1982 after taking his own pupils away on camping trips over three decades ago and seeing the enormous benefits first hand. Not only did he see an improvement in classroom achievement, he witnessed significant improvements in teacher-pupil interaction and engagement.

Andrew Gardiner, former teacher and Acorn's owner says "Seeing teachers outside the classroom, as real people, can often change the dynamic in the classroom. It removes barriers, opens up communication and improves openness to learning. This was a key reason why I used to take my pupils on trips and why I was keen to help others do the same."

Read more about the benefits of outdoor learning in the Guardian's article How outdoor learning boosts student well-being